Simone Pillon


Admitted to Italian and European Supreme Courts


• Born in Brescia on 01/06/1971 – Married in 2002 and the father of three children
• Diploma in classical studies awarded by the Liceo “Arnaldo da Brescia” in 1990.
• Attendance with maximum benefit in the two-year sociology of law course at the University of
• Parma with specific attention to criminal organisations.
• Bachelor’s degree in law awarded with honours by the University of Parma in 1997.
• Admission to the profession of law awarded by the district of the Court of Appeal of Brescia in 2000.
Course on criminal defence techniques (East Lombardy Criminal Chamber, 2000).
Participation in the seminar “Marriage or de facto couples?” (Pontificia Università Lateranense – Pontifical Lateran University, 2005).
• Enrolled in Master’s programme in Family Mediation accredited by AIMEF (Italian Association of Family Mediators) (2011-2013) and achievement of the qualification of family mediator.
• Habilitation to practice before the supreme courts (2012)


• Diploma certifying good knowledge of English – “Pitman intermediate”- (Middlesex Polytechnic – London – 1988).
• Diploma certifying good knowledge of English – “Intermediate level”- (Imperial College – London – 1997).
• Attended education course “Intermediate – Advanced Legal English: Contract Law and Civil Procedure in England and Wales”National Bar Council (City University – London – 2013).


• Advocacy obtained from the Law Society of Brescia since 1998.
• Professorof law and economics at the High School (Social Sciences) “Maddalena di Canossa” in Brescia (1998 – 2005).
• Lawyer Registered with the Bar of Brescia (2000-2005) and of Perugia from 2005 onwards
• Lawyer authorised to practise at the Supreme Court and other higher courts since 2012
• Member of the Association “Giuristi per la vita (Jurists for life)” of Brescia since 2002.
• Member of the “Scienza e Vita (Science and Life) Committee” of Perugia since 2004.
• Member of the Catholic Jurists Union – Perugia section since 2004.
• President of the Forum of Family Associations in Umbria from 2006 to 2012.
• Delegate for the family at the Synod of the Archdiocese of Perugia – Città della Pieve (2006-2008)
• National Councillor and Head of the National Commission on Family Relationships and the Law of the Forum of family associations from 2008 to 2015.
• Member of the Board of Directors of the Forum of family associations Foundation from 2008 to 2015
• Member of the Diocesan Council for Economic Affairs of the Archdiocese of Perugia – Città della Pieve from 2013 to 2018
• Director of the family counselling “La Dimora” in Perugia from 2013 to 2018
• Member of the “Regional custody and adoption table” of the Umbria Region since 2013
• Teacher at the law school “Gerardo Gatti” of the Law Society of Perugia since 2014
• Commissioner of the Committee for international adoptions (CAI) at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers since 2014
• Elected to the Senate in march, 2018
• Chair of the Lega group in Justice committee of the Senate
• Deputy chair of the youth committee of italian Parliament
• Deputy chair of the contentious committee of the italian Senate
• President of the ‘San Tommaso Moro’ Association.


(for reasons of conciseness only the main conventions of recent years of recent years have been indicated)

  • Participation and speech at “Social weeks of Italian Catholics”, Reggio Calabria, October 2010.
  • Speech at the national seminar “Good politics for the common good”, Todi, June 2011 ( ).
  • Speech at public Conference on family policies under the “Tobia Project”, Perugia, September 2011.
  • Speech for the presentation of research on “Regional family policies” – Palazzo Chigi – 2012
  • Speech at the Social Affairs Commission of the Chamber of deputies regarding the drafting of the Bill on equality between illegitimate children and legitimate children (formerly L. N. 219/2012),
    ( 16/lavori/stenbic ).
  • Speech at “Fondazione Magna Charta”, Norcia 26/10/2012
  • Speech at Conference organised by the UNICEF “I children in the separation” on 28/11/2012, Rome.
  • Speech at the “The family: a key asset for the community” conference as part of “Contributions to a programme of good policy”, Trullo – Rome, 22/09/2013.
  • Article in “Quaderni di Scienza e Vita” on “Conscientious objection for doctors and pharmaceuticals”. Rome in 2013 )
  • Speaker at “Preparatory meeting of the Social Weeks for central Italy”Perugia, June 2012( ).
  • Participation and speeches in the “Social Weeks of Italian Catholics”, Turin, September 2013 “for development of a family policy”www.settimanesociali.i t )
  • Speaker at the conference “Both parents and marital crisis”Genoa, 10/12/2013 ( ).
  • Speech in English at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on “European Custody for Children”; “In the name of the children or the social cost of the divorce in a book”Strasbourg 23.10.2013 (…/23-ottobre-strasburgo-reports-e … ).
  • Speaker at the “International council of shared parenting” on shared parenting Bonn 2014
  • Speaker at the two conferences on custody and adoption organised by CAI and the Institute of the Innocents in Florence in the year 2014
  • Co-editor of the protocol for the hearing of Family law implemented by Court of Perugia in 2014
  • Speaker at the “Nasiriyah” hall of Senate at the press conference for presentation of the DDL “Divina” for joint custody
  • Partner, leader and speaker of the big event in Rome Piazza San Giovanni on 20/06/2015 on the protection of minors based on “Gender Theory”
  • Participated in the hearing on DDL in 2015 as an expert in the Justice Commission for the removal of the ban on disclosure of generalities of the mother in the so-called “Birth in anonymity.”
  • Participated in hearing on DDL in 2015 as an expert at the Senate Judiciary Committee for the recognition of Civil Unions
  • Speaker at over 250 conferences of national and local significance in the whole country on the matter of family, separation, divorce and “Gender Theory”
  • Speaker at 3 training conferences for lawyers organised by Matrimony Association, Umbria in 2015 (two in Perugia and one in Spoleto)
  • Speaker at a training conference for lawyers organised by former Mistretta Bar Association (Messina) on Family Law in 2015


(For brevity only the publications of the last three years have been indicated)

  • Contribution “The family future of all”- Trevi 2009
  • “Green Book of the Family”- Perugia – 2012.
  • Contribution “Ethics and Growth in the crisis of 2000″Cantagalli – Siena 2012.
  • Contribution “Contributions to a program of good policy”Trullo – Rome, 09/22/2013.
  • Contribution “Conscientious objection for doctors and pharmacists” in “Notebooks of Science and Life”- Rome 2013
  • The historical and philosophical roots of sexual indifference (Rome – 2014)
  • Contribution “Educating in twos, educate together, educate anyway” in “Notebooks Forum”- Rome 2015
  • Contribution “Territories and Family Welfare”- Rome 2015
  • Contribution “Territories and Family Welfare”- Rome 2015
  • Manual of Resistance to Uniform Thought. From Gender to Transhumanism – Rome 2022


  • Collaboration in the drafting of the law n. 54/2006 (so-called joint custody).
  • Drafting of the bill (on (Santolini) on Conscientious Objection for pharmacists.
  • Collaborator in drafting the law on the equality of natural and legitimate children (then Law 219/2012).
  • Collaboration in the drafting of the law for the establishment of the Family Court.
  • Collaboration in the drafting of the law (sen. Divine) amending of Law no. 54/2006.
  • Draft preparation of the Law on the establishment of the profession of family mediator.
  • Drafting of amendments to the Decree on assisted negotiation 
  • S. 686
  • Recognition of religious holidays for civil effects.
  • S. 691
  • Measures to contrast the phenomenon of ludopathy and rationalization of public game resale points.
  • S. 692
  • Repeal of articles 574 and 574-bis, as well as introduction of article 605-bis of the criminal code on the removal or detention of minor or incapacitated persons abroad.
  • S. 719
  • Establishment of reception points for the newborn.
  • S. 735
  • Rules for shared custody, direct maintenance and guarantee of co-parenting.
  • S. 922
  • Rules on the right to know biological origins.
  • S. 1024
  • Provisions against reproductive tourism.
  • S. 1670
  • Establishment of the national children’s day.
  • S. 1692
  • Provisions to combat the spread of bullying, cyberbullying, pornography and violence among minors.
  • S. 1711
  • Amendments to the civil code and the penal code regarding the protection of the family and minors, to the law 4 May 1983, n. 184, regarding custody of minors, and to the Royal Decree-Law of 20 July 1934, no. 1404, regarding the incompatibility of the private members of the juvenile court, as well as the establishment of the National Observatory on family type communities
  • Drafting of numerous amendments accepted in the reform of civil and family proceedings – Legislative Decree October 10, 2022, No. 149 (Cartabia Reform)

VAT code of Simone Pillon: 03555850175