Advice and Assistence


The Pillon and Napoleoni firm offers their expert advice on all issues concerning succession, inheritance, the death of a person and passage of his/her possessions and goods to legal or testamentary heirs, for which the law requires the heirs to exercise the law and fulfil executory obligations within certain timelines.

In Italy, succession as a result of death is mainly regulated by the Civil Code. We also handle cases of unworthiness to succeed. The legacy can be accepted, waived or accepted with the benefit of inventory. There are special protections for the “legitimate heirs”, such as spouses and ascendent legitimate and natural children who are entitled to a share of the inheritance even contrary to the wishes expressed in the will. It is also possible to set up “bequests”, or rather, obligations that the heirs must fulfill in favour of third parties.

The will may be holographic or drawn up by a public or private notary.

The firm offers qualified assistance in the preparation and storage of holographic wills, as well as the protection of rights for succession disputes already in progress.