Family Mediation

Advice and Assistence


The Pillon and Napoleoni law firm offers its expertise and experience in the field of family law by promoting, wherever possible, family mediation as a viable path for resolution of marital conflicts.

The purpose of mediation is twofold:

  1. To support the couple in addressing and resolving the disputes that have arisen.
  2. To promote possible forms of consensual separation, which are less traumatic for the family unit.

For some time now in Italy and other European legal systems, a need for family mediation has been identified. An amendment to the Italian Civili Code that will place great importance on mediation during proceedings for the separation of spouses is in the process of being approved. In view of this, many Italian universities are creating higher education courses (Masters) aimed at creating the figure of “family mediator”.

To date, the value of this tool in avoiding sudden changes and painful investigations, especially in the interests of minor children, is still not always appreciated. The firm works closely with the best family mediation centres in Perugia and Brescia, offering their help with counselling and full mediation paths to guide you in the right direction in order to come to an agreement.

The firm works with the Diocesan Centres for family mediation in Brescia and Perugia, providing qualified assistance for mediation procedures in cases of marital separation.