Collaboration in the Drafting of Laws and Amendments


The Pillon & Napoleoni Law Firm also collaborates in drafting laws. Some projects include: 

• Collaboration in drafting Law no. 54/2006 (shared custody) 
• Writing draft law (Hon. Santolini) on conscious objection for pharmacists.
• Collaboration in the proposed law on equivalence of natural and legitimate children (Law 219/2012). 
• Collaboration in drafting the law to create the Family Court.
• Collaboration in drafting the law (Sen. Divina) to modify Law no. 54/2006. 
• Drafting the legal project to institute the professional figure of Family Mediator.
• Senate act 686. Recognition of religious holidays for civil effects.
• Senate act 691. Measure to counteract gambling addiction and rationalize public gaming locations.
• Senate act 692. Abrogation of articles 574 and 574-bis, as well as introducing article 605-bis of the Criminal Code in matters of removal or detention, even abroad, of children or disabled people.
• Senate act 719 Institution of shelters for newborns.
• Senate act 735 Standards related to shared custody, direct support and coparenting.
• Senate act 922 Standards related to the right to know one’s biological parents.
• Senate act 1024 Dispositions against reproductive tourism.
• Senate act 1670 Institution of National Children’s Day.
• Senate act 1692 Dispositions to counter the spread of bullying, cyber bullying, pornography and violence among children.
• Senate act 1711 Modifications to the Civil and Criminal Code in matters of family and child protection, to Law 4 May 1983, no. 184 in matters of child custody, and to Royal Decree-Law 20 July 1934, no. 1404 in matters of the incompatibility of private components of the court for minors, as well as the institution of the national family observatory of communities.