Company Law

Advice and Assistence​


Within the field of Company Law, the Pillon and Napoleoni law firm offers legal advice and assistance with regard to:

  • Corporate consulting
  • Debt Collection
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Pollution
  • Privacy
  • Corporate Criminal Law
  • Insolvency Law

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The firm offers advice on managing relationships with employees, as well as assistance in the event of conflicts, representing the Conciliation Commission and the Labour Division of the Courts.

It also offers consulting for judicial and extrajudicial resolution of disputes with customers, suppliers and competitors, representing them in ordinary judgments and in arbitration.


The firm offers services for management of of safety at work, in addition to technical criminal defence in cases of:

  • grievous bodily harm
  • aggravated manslaughter

We organize plans for corporate security in collaboration with engineering firms.


The new legislation on privacy is very strict and requires attentive procedures for the processing of all personal data.

Special procedures are also provided for the processing of so-called “sensitive” and “judicial” data.

What are the obligations?
The law establishes different requirements, depending on the degree of sensitivity of data and the type of processing. Often the establishment and observation of a Data Security Policy (DSP) is enough.

Who is bound by these obligations?

Most public and private operators (companies, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, traders, artisans, government agencies, associations and foundations, parishes, schools, Local Health Authorities, municipalities, etc.) are obliged to comply with the rules of privacy protection, both in relation to paper support and computerised systems.

The penalties set forth in Itaian Legislative Decree 196/03

● Art. 169. Security measures
1. Anyone who is bound by the obligation and who fails to adopt the minimum measures in Art. 33 shall be punished with imprisonment of up to two years or a fine of between 10,000 and 50,000 euros.

● Art. 15. Damage caused as a result of processing
1. Anyone who causes damage to others as a result of the processing of personal data is liable to pay damages in accordance with Article 2050 of the Civil Code.

What consultancy services does our law firm offer?

Drafting of the DSP and standardisation of proceduresIf necessary, our firm will draw up a personalised Data Security Policy adapted to your needs. We will also take care of ensuring your working practices are fully compliant, by means of suitable instructions, thereby bringing them into line with current legislation.

● Permanent consultancy

The firm guarantees permanent assistance and advice for both the annual renewal of the DPS, and for any further questions regarding the processing of personal data.

● Inspection and advice

Staff from the firm will visit your office to assess the advisability of adopting the DPS or other tools under the Code for the Protection of Personal Data.


The firm offers management of extrajudicial and judicial debt collection through:

  • injunctions
  • bankruptcy
  •  claims in insolvency proceedings
  • insolvency proceedings to enforce sale of fixed and non-fixed assets

We collaborate with external companies to also offered investigative services and tracing of fixed assets, real estate, bank accounts and more..


The firm offers advice and defence in company liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings such as:

  • arrangement with creditors
  • bankruptcy
  • compulsory liquidation
  • It also provides assistance and criminal defence in the event of:
  • negligent bankruptcy
  • fraudulent bankruptcy


The firm provides advice with regard to anti-pollution legislation and waste management, assessing the current condition of your company and organising legal obligations.


The firm offers expertise and professionalism for the defence regarding cybercrime offences, insult and defamation via SMS and email, violation of systems, data corruption, file sharing, internet piracy and more. We have specific experience in the delicate field of online child pornography.