Simone Pillon and Sara Napoleoni - Lawyers

Assistance legal and extra legal consulting in Italian and European courts.

Avvocato Simone pillon e Avvocato Sara Napoleaoni

The Pillon & Napoleoni Law Firm offers a full consulting service for extrajudicial matters in various areas of law.

Our experts also offer legal assistance throughout Italy and legal representation at the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation and the European Court of Justice.
civil law


Matrimonial law, succession, property regime and civil law.

criminal law


Internet and corporate crime law, complaints, petitions.

family law


The company offers assistance in matters of family law.

business and tax law


Debt collection, business consulting and bankruptcy law.

consulting in English

International Law

Permit to stay and residence card, family reunification.

claims for damages


Assistance with disputes related to the Highway Code.


Family Mediation

Services for the reorganisation of the family unit.



Execution of inheritance and land registry procedures.

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