Criminal Law

criminal law

Within the field of criminal law, the Pillon and Napoleoni law firm offers legal advice and assistance with regard to:

  • Criminal Law
  • Corporate Criminal Law
  • Internet Crime Law
  • Pre-Trial Consultation
  • Reports, Actions, Petitions
  • Defence Investigations
  • Technical Defence in the Criminal Process 

Contact our firm in Perugia to request quotes, advice and detailed information about criminal law.

Internet Crime Law

The firm offers expertise and professionalism for the defence with regard to cyber crime, insults or defamation via SMS and email, violation of systems, data corruption, file sharing, piracy and more.

We have acquired specific experience in the sensitive area of ​​child pornography online.

Defence Investigations

Our firm has acquired good experience in the field of defence investigations and mainly uses its own staff, collaborating with external investigators for only the most complex cases. We also collaborate with eminent specialists when Technical Consultation for the defence is required.

  • Coverage throughout the area
    The firm has made the strategic choice of basing itself in two locations, Brescia and Perugia.
  • In criminal matters we accept appointments to defend throughout Italy.
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